By Gail Cawley Showalter

Potholes are ugly nuisances and can really make travel unpleasant. Life can be like a rough road. Pot holes and bumps make it difficult to see ahead. I know. I’ve hit my share of those ugly things. So what can you do to make your path a little smoother?

  1. Accept that your road will not always be smooth as glass. “Some days are like that even in Australia.” When you learn to go with the flow life gets amazingly easier.
  2. Take a different route. So often we keep doing the same thing day-in, day-out expecting our circumstances to improve. We may not do a thing differently and yet we think our lives are going to change without any effort on our part. A little redirect or detour can make a big difference.
  3. Let the city maintenance department know about the potholes. There are almost always options for correcting situations. Single moms who file for child support are much more likely to get it than moms who never file. You are more likely to get a job if you go for some job interviews than if you stay home.

In Living Learning Loving I share experiences on my journey. I learned a lot! The following chapter title you my insights on my path and I hope the book will help you.

  • Living with Solitude
  • Living with Boundaries
  • Living with Grief
  • Living with Courage
  • Learning to be Self Aware
  • Learning to Prioritize
  • Learning to Wait
  • Learning to Value Morality
  • Loving the Fun
  • Loving the Growth
  • Loving the Power of Prayer
  • Loving with Wisdom Gathered from Others