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Heaven Knows - Journey Through Divorce


Posted by Missionary Momma
I have gone to the movie “The Shack” twice now. Both times it moved me in such a powerful way. I have not been able to get it off my mind and have found myself googling the famous quotes many times. But I have not been able to put into words myself the impact this movie had on me. Until I read this blog. Sarah has been able to go inside my heart and put into words what I could only express in tears. So please everyone read this blog and watch this video. It’s so powerful for those who have lost loved ones.
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Top Ten Tips for Co-Parenting-Part 6 

Be the Parent.
Do not spoil your child in order to overcompensate for your mistakes.
As much as you may feel terrible about putting your children through a divorce, do not slack on your role as being a parent and raise your children to be nice, respectable people. It is common to try to win their affection by always wanting to make your time together special. But keep in mind that they are looking for stability, structure and consistency. So make sure you can be counted on for being their parent, not their best friend.

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Featured Article:

Linda Jacobs and Wayne Stocks’s article – Giving Children of Divorce Power Through Choices

For the child of divorce, it is important to allow them to make choices. Choices empower a child who feels like everything is out of their control. Most of us, as parents and children’s ministry leaders, agree that kids shouldn’t make major decisions about their lives. However, for the child of divorce, whose very life has been interrupted by the crisis of divorce, it is different than for a child who has a loving mother and father in the home. Children of divorce feel powerless and vulnerable during and after their parents have separated.
For many children of divorce not only have they lost the comfort of a loving home and family, they may have lost both parents to the divorce war. While having distracted parents may be temporary until the divorce battle has been waged and settled, it is none-the-less very disturbing to the child. Children need adults they can trust to help them navigate through a crisis and the very adults they need are the ones that have caused the crisis.

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