Lexi - Krista

Yesterday I celebrated the graduation of a beautiful young lady, Lexi.  She is full of spirit. Her smile and laughter fills every room. She is beautiful inside and out. And she’s just like her beautiful Grandma Marilyn.

Marilyn was my best friend. We became fast friends over 30 years ago after I hired her to be my dad’s secretary. She was one of those friends who changed my life from the moment I met her. We grew very close, very fast. We not only experienced life together, we lived life together. We went through our divorces together. She was there the night Jon passed away. Our children grew up together as best friends. We went through a lot of ups and downs in life but always knew we had each other to lean on. There has always been no one closer to me than her. And there will never be another as close to me as her.

But 4 ½ years ago, after a horrific accident, she went home and joined Jon in heaven, and I have not been the same since. I still pick up the phone to call her when something exciting happens. I still cry out to her when I am hurting. A part of me will never be whole until we are together again. She knew me better than anybody. She loved me no matter what. Life has just never been the same without her.

And on Saturday I was honored to celebrate her beautiful granddaughter’s graduation.  It was truly a day to celebrate. If Mar were here she would have been so proud. Lexi has become a bright, talented young lady with so much to offer this world. She is a beautiful dancer and I love to watch her move so gracefully. I know her grandma was looking down with her beautiful smile and twinkling eyes watching with pride and joy as she starts this new journey in life.

I promised Mar just before she entered heaven’s gates that I would take care of her grand babies, whom she loved so dearly. I have kept that promise every year as I take them on their Birthday Dates, overnight slumber parties Thanksgiving night, Easter baskets Easter morning and Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve. I have grown to love them just as much and I treasure every moment I have with them.

So today I celebrate Lexi! You are loved. You are full of joy. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are graceful. You are fun. You are sweet. You are full of potential.  But most of all, you are your Grandma’s little princess, and now you are mine too.

I love you Lexi girl.  Shine on!

Love & Kisses from Heaven,