I have lived in Minnesota since I was 4. For the most part I’ve liked it, if I can overlook the freezing winters and mosquitoes in the summer. Every winter I wonder why I am still here. The winters in Minnesota are a nuisance and they last way too long. But there are days, like today, that I wake up, look outside and it’s breathtaking. The trees are covered with a beautiful white dust that looks like a picture of an ice palace. As I look and admire the beauty it also reminds me of my life. Most of the days in the Minnesota winter are filled with frigid cold and when there is not snow its brown…ugly brown, everywhere. My life feels ugly brown sometimes. Dead… Ugly… Dreary…. And just when I think I cannot handle it anymore there are days when I feel pretty good. It’s in those days that I need to make sure I don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the good days.

This roller coaster of emotion is exactly what The Slippery Slope is all about. There will be days when you feel stuck and wonder if life will ever be okay again and then there will be days when you start to round the corner and you feel like you are moving forward. It’s important to learn to recognize those days and don’t rush them. Enjoy them to the fullest. Because as sure as the snow melts from the trees, another bad day will come. It does get exhausting at times. So make sure you give yourself grace as you travel this journey. Because I have learned that the good days will start to last longer and the bad days will begin not to be as bad. Just focus on one day at a time and soon one day you will see the progress you are making and know you will make it. So as you walk through today, what can you learn for your journey ahead?