There was a game out years ago called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? These last few weeks has felt more like Where in the World is Krista Smith. Two weeks ago I was in Orlando at the AACC Conference. This week at a leadership conference in Colorado and now next week I’ll be at the APT (Association of Play Therapy) in Little Rock AR. As much as I love to travel I sure do miss my family back at home in Minnesota. And my grands seem to grow so much while I am away.

As I am getting orders out and getting ready for my next conference, I want to offer you a special fall special. January is a GREAT time to start small groups. You have just made it through the holidays and you’re ready to start a new year with new goals and a refreshed heart for what God has in store. There is never a better time to offer healing to the teens and preteens of your youth.

Being a teen in this world is hard enough. Imagine being a teen whose family is also going through a separation or divorce. The world has turned upside down and now the one place where they used to feel safe is now falling apart as well. How can we help them?

I have the answer! The Journey; Divorce Through the eyes of a Teen is a 13 week group curriculum to help these teens through this journey so it doesn’t have to define their futures. Every teen gets a thorough workbook that helps them apply the topics to their lives individually. It is very thought provoking and self reflective. Some of the topics include; Stages of Grief, Anger, Hurts, Self Esteem, God’s Role, Single Parent Homes, Blended Families, Forgiveness, Self Identity and Their Future.

As the most popular time of year is around the corner I am offering a special discount to any church, counseling center, school or organization who would like to offer healing to our teens. If you would like a set of sample lessons to preview before a purchase I will hold the special pricing open for you if you contact me and ask for the Info Pack. This is serious. We need to do something now. We are approaching a time when being from a biological family is vastly becoming a minority. Our next generation is crying out for help. Let’s not let them down.