One of the things I want to be sure to express is that I have been exactly where you are at and I know what you are feeling. I have not only experienced my own divorce but I have led a DivorceCare group for 9 years and have worked one on one with separated/divorced people for over 18 years now. Believe me, if I have not experienced it, I have walked alongside people who have. I hope I can walk alongside you as well.




That is why I have developed a website called Journey Through Divorce: Helping others through this very painful time in their life is my passion. My desire is to help you through the pain and discover hope again and I also want to prevent your situation from effecting your children’s future. A families divorce is one of the most damaging things on society and it is proven to be repeated from generation to generation. Let’s try to stop the cycle, and that cycle starts with you.

By joining Journey Through Divorce you will find understanding and encouragement. This is what you will receive –

  • Helpful tools to help you through the process to healing
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Articles pertaining specifically to situations you are experiencing
  • Poems you will relate with and find comfort in
  • Words of Encouragement
  • Videos
  • Continual blogs
  • Have the opportunity to be part of an active discussion forum with others who are experiencing the exact same things as you are.
  • You will be connected to other ministries whose focus is to help you in any way possible.
  • There will be recommended resources to promote moving forward.
  • A shopping cart with items to help bring healing to your family
  • And once you sign up you will receive a free Slippery Slope game for you or your family. This is great interactive tool that can be used at home to encourage your children to open up and share about their feelings. Go to to see the different designs.
  • It is a one stop shop for anything you will need to help you through the very difficult days ahead.

Please go to and see for yourself. I promise you will not regret it. You do not need to take this journey alone. Take the first step to receive the encouragement and tools you need to get to the other side. And then, come back and check out part 5 next month.

Slippery Slope three games