A New Friend….

This last March I was at an AACC Church Leadership Conference in Riverside California. It was a lovely conference and I was able to develop some new friendships and ministry partners over that week. I always find it interesting to see who God puts beside me. He always has a plan and I just get to watch it play out.

At this conference I was blessed to have Dr. Sheri Keffer in the booth next to mine. She was so inspirational to me as she shared about her new book called, Intimate Deception; Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal. As I sat and listened to her share her story with those who walked by I found myself intrigued with her passion for a very difficult topic. Sheri has lived through the devastation of relationship betrayal of her spouse and has been able to find healing through that journey. In her book she shares how marriage infidelity impacts every dimension of your core being; trust, confidence and self-image. Here is a short description of her book:


Beyond broken vows, discovering that your husband has been viewing pornography, sexting or having an affair deals a devastating blow to your self-image and self-worth. You must grapple with the fact that the man you thought you knew has intentionally lied and deceived you.

               With compassion and understanding, Dr. Sheri Keffer invites you to discover the healing you can have after the trauma of sexual betrayal. As a marriage and family therapist and a woman who has personally experienced the devastation of sexual betrayal, Dr. Keffer gives you the tools you need to not only survive this traumatic experience but also thrive in your “new normal”.

               She unpacks how betrayal affects your mind, body, spirit and sexuality and offers practical tools for dealing with emotional triggers. She also explains the realities of sexual deception and shows you how to practice self-care, develop healthy boundaries, protect yourself from abuse or manipulation, and find freedom from the burden of shame and guilt.

               Life will never be the same after sexual betrayal. But you can recover and become stronger. This compassionate book show you how.”


If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from sexual betrayal of any kind, I highly recommend this book. Sheri understands, has walked this painful journey and is a living, breathing example of healing. I have been blessed with meeting her. I hope you chose to do the same.



Krista Smith