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The Real Battlefield

Dealing with your former spouse can be difficult. It can be exhausting. It can be very overwhelming. It can even feel useless at times. I liken it to being on a continual battlefield with arrows coming from all directions, not knowing which war you’re going to have to fight next.  Sometimes it may feel like you are constantly watching for incoming bombs and arming yourself for a quick counter attack.

As difficult as this may be I would like you to consider a different battlefield. A spiritual battle between good and evil.  Satan’s #1 goal is to destroy families. And whether you are still married or not, if you share children, you are still a family. I would challenge you to consider that much of what you are dealing with may be Satan’s way of continuously bringing you down, causing continual hurt and stress on your children and definitely preventing you from healing and moving forward.

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I hope you have read the new series part 1 that we started last month. We discussed the first of 25 Things Children of Divorce Want Their Parents to Know, We feel responsible for what happened.  If you missed it or did not get to read it, please go back in my blogs on my website or take a look at my March newsletter and check it out. This is going to be an interesting and exciting new series.

This month we are going to discuss the 2nd Thing Children of Divorce Want Their Parents to Know

25 Things Children of Divorce Want Their Parents to Know Part 2

To switch things up a bit this month I am going to take a different look at this statement. I think, for the most part, these feeling results mostly when parent’s badmouth or attack each other in front of their children. When this happens the parent who is being attacked often feels that because of the influence the other parent has on the children, they start to believe what they are saying is true and agree that because the marriage failed they are bad people and cannot be a good parent.

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Anyway by Mother Teresa


If you know the story of Mother Teresa, you know that she experienced the worst of this world can throw at people. Despite that, she remained focus and determined to the very end and helped innumerable people in the process. Sometimes life has a way of getting us down no matter how hard we try. This short but inspirational poem from Mother Teresa reminds us why it is important to always persevere.

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Getting a Divorce with Kids: What Parents Need to Know

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