What does a boat in the middle of the ocean have to do with healing? A lot, when that boat is carrying my canvas bags for my Connex Blocks!!!

As most of you know from my last blog, I have come out with new topical blocks for my Connex Blocks game. I was so excited to introduce them at my conferences this fall. And I was right!! They were a HUGE hit!! The only bummer was I had to hand out the blocks in a baggie instead of their cute canvas bags. I promised everyone I would be sending their cute canvas bag as soon as I received them, really expecting them within a week.

Well, that long boat from China seems to be sitting waiting for who knows what. I have contacted my supplier and we have located the shipment to be somewhere between here and there. Not real convincing.

So this is a cry out to all those waiting for their cute little canvas bags – THEY ARE COMING! I have not forgotten about you and I promise you I will get your bags to you as soon as I receive them!!! I sincerely apologize for this delay.

Until then…continue using those blocks as the magic is in the blocks not the bags.