We Will Persevere

We Will Persevere

What a year it has been!!! I must admit it caught me by total surprise. Life was going good. I had 4 grandchildren due, a beautiful cruise on the horizon, multiple conferences on my calendar, our small manufacturing company was on the move and them WHAM! Everything stopped. The things I have learned this past year I hope to never have to experience again!

A New Experience

I was recently contacted by Charisma Magazine. They were very impressed with my teen divorce recovery curriculum, The Journey. We have been furthering our relationship over the months and I was excited to be invited to do a Podcast with…

3 Tips for Women on a Rough Road

by Gail Cawley Showalter https://seeinguthrough.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/smore-5-stumbling.mp3 Potholes are ugly nuisances and can really make travel unpleasant. Life can be like a rough road. Pot holes and bumps make it difficult to see ahead. I know. I’ve hit my share of those ugly…