Our youngest son, Isaac, graduated from Colorado Christian University this past weekend. It was a day of much rejoicing and a day filled with much pride.Family at grad

It was only 4 short years ago when Isaac left our nest and started college 1000 miles away from home. I can tell you we were thrilled that he was following God’s calling but with him being the “baby” we were reluctant to see that last one “fly”. I know many of you know exactly what I mean.

A lot has happened these past 4 years. We have all experienced the loss of my husband, his father, Jon Smith. Our family will never be the same as it was that summer day when we sent him off to college. So many plans…so many dreams…are now just an empty ache in our hearts. But Isaac did not let this define him. He leaned on his Savior, endured the pain and kept on reaching for his goal. For him, yes, but more importantly, for his dad.

So as I watched him graduate that day, I could hardly hold back the tears. Tears of loss because I longed to celebrate this day with his dad, tears of disappointment because I know how much Isaac wanted his dad there, tears of sadness because I know how much Jon would have enjoyed that day. But most of all, tears of a proud step mom who saw her son accomplish his dream, one he strived for, one he persevered much pain through and one moment in time that he will never forget.

I’m proud of you Isaac Carl. But not as much as your dad is! Keep living forward and follow your heart. He is there guiding you.

Krista Smith