Why do you weep? Don’t you know that even the sun and moon will be darkened, and there will be times when you just can’t see? This is one on those seasons.
Getting through the valley will take time and effort, but don’t worry.
I will provide all the grace you need and I am here with you.
Before you feet stumble on the darkening hills,
Take my hand and hold on tight.

Why do you weep? - Journey Through Divorce

How do I know I am depressed?  Do any of these sound like you?


            _____  Feeling out of sync with the world, others and my normal routine

            _____  Lack of energy/lethargy

            _____  Emotional numbness/not caring

            _____  Social withdrawal

            _____  Insomnia

            _____  Excess sleeping

            _____  Crying

            _____  Abnormal fatigue

            _____  Daily feelings of worthlessness or guilt

            _____  Difficulty concentrating

            _____  Recurring feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

            _____  More than minimum weight loss or gain

            _____  Impaired reflexes

            _____  Substance abuse

            _____  Recurrent thoughts of death

            _____  Suicide attempts

            _____  Obsession/anxiety

            _____  High sensitivity to criticism and rejection

            _____  Mood swings

            _____  Restlessness

            _____  Agitation

            _____  Irritability/anger

            _____  Becoming overly active overly sexual


Suggestions to help you work through your depression:

            Count your blessings

            Start some form of fun exercise

            Rework your budget so you’re not always stressed

            Listen to beautiful, soothing and upbeat music everyday

            Force yourself to socialize

            Break up your routine

            Rent a funny video

            Buy someone a small gift (depression is very self-focused)

            See a doctor to rule out biochemical problems

            Move your furniture around

            Clean a closet

            Learn to set healthy boundaries so you are not a victim

            Quit keeping secrets

            Learn to be willing to lose in order to win

            Sit and write a letter to God pouring out your heart

            Eat chocolate