DoriDori Pulse

Years ago after being divorced twice and knowing God hated divorce, I surely thought that I was going to “hell in a handbasket”. I was raised in Wisconsin, on a farm, as a Catholic, the firstborn of six kids.  As a child listening to adult gossip, I believed that people who divorced were bad and shady losers, certainly something was wrong with them. After my second divorce, I only hoped that if I died, I could throw myself at God’s feet and beg Him to let me into heaven. I was filled with guilt and shame and those emotions doubled over what I felt I had put my two sons through.


When I surrendered my life in the backyard of my Sacramento home, I was completely transformed. The weight of my sins was gone, my eyes were opened, my soul renewed. God began to lead me. I prayed for a husband and I promised to wait. God brought me a man in a most unusual way with a young daughter…catapulting me into the realm of stepliving. I am most certainly a lump of clay; however, with the powerful hand of God shaping me, I moved back to my home state, became a facilitator for the Divorce Care program (, I’m an author, a blogger/freelance writer, and a speaker within Stepfamily Rx, which I began in 2012.

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