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Last month I shared some observations as we move into a new year by taking a minute and reflecting on the past year, like looking in a mirror. I would encourage you to go back and read last months newsletter or blog if you have not already done so. This month I am going to share some advice as we look into the window of new possibilities for the year 2017.

The fun thing about a new year is that no matter what 2016 brought you, it’s a new year, thus it’s new!! You can make new changes, you can keep what you liked, you can forget what you didn’t, you can keep things going in the same direction or you can even throw away the entire past year and start over if you’d like. It’s a new beginning for a new YOU!  How exciting is that!!
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My forum will provide help and suggestions to get you though your daily stresses and struggles. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments to receive advice and other resources.
Top Ten Tips for Co-Parenting-Part4

Hold your Tongue.

Do not argue in front of your children…period. Heated conversations regarding schedules, finances or personal issues should take place on the phone when your children are not around. Research has found that the most poorly adjusted children of divorce are those exposed to ongoing parental battles. You must find ways to communicate without attacking and being critical of your former spouse.  Take the high road and don’t resort to blaming or name-calling when your children can hear. How can this be done?
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Featured Article:
Michelle Peterson ‘s article  – How to Survive Valentine’s Day as a Single

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most brutal holidays for single people to endure. While the holiday season can be tough to endure without a partner by your side, Valentine’s Day is sure to fill your social media feeds with photos of all the happy couples in your social circle – along with, of course, the obligatory brag-fests about the expensive jewelry, dozens of roses, and delectable boxes of gourmet chocolate their loves have showered them with. If you’re going it alone for Valentine’s Day this year, here are a few ways to cope.
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