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Staying Sober as a Single Parent - Journey Through Divorce

Staying Sober as a Single Parent

Contributed by: Michelle Peterson

Whether you are starting your recovery journey with a baby on the way or with a six year old who is already here, becoming sober and staying sober are greatly beneficial to your health and happiness, as well as your child’s health and happiness. For parents, kids are often their number one priority, so gaining sobriety is important to give their kid the parent he or she deserves. But being a parent can also be a trigger for relapse.

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Top Ten Tips for Co-Parenting-Part 8

Be a Peacemaker.

Do all you can to make the visitation exchange as tension free as possible.

It is nice to share the responsibility of transportation by either splitting the trips or meeting somewhere half way. If you are going to be late, please call and let them know. If you are nervous or emotional about the exchange you can be sure that your child is picking up on that. Try to be as calm and reassuring as possible. During the transition try these suggestions.

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Featured Article:
Linda Jacobs’s article  – Summer months are very complicated for the child of divorce

Summer months can become very sticky, messy, and complicated for mothers, fathers, and children in divorced families. Divorce decrees can mandate that when school is out, and the children visit the other parent for extended periods of time. They may stay several weeks or even all summer with the other parent. In places with year-round school, the children might stay with the other parent each track-out time.

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