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Reflection - Journey Through Divorce

Last Thursday night I did something I have not done for a very long time, something I had not done since my Jon went home (Heaven). I was not sure how it would go but there was a need so I jumped right in. Do you ever jump into something and then get smacked in the face mid stream.  Ya, well, that was me last Thursday night.

For some background information, Jon and I led DivorceCare in our church for 9 years. DivorceCare was our passion. It was while we served in this position that we knew we were called to this ministry. We spent our entire married life working with and helping to bring healing to those experiencing the pain of separation and divorce. It was our life ministry. Thus the birth of this ministry, Sonset Point Ministries.
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Top Ten Tips for Co-Parenting-Part 5 

Be the Adult.

Do not put your children in the place of your caretaker/counselor. Allow your children to be children. They are not made to carry your burdens. Find a friend to be your sounding board or advice giver. Don’t forget that your children are 50% your former spouses. Your children will take personally anything you say about your former spouse as if you are saying it about them as well.  Be the adult and allow them to be the children. Do not mix those roles. These are adult situations, leave them between adults. Below are some simple situations that should not happen.

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Featured Article: Linda Jacobs ‘s article  – How long does it take a child to recover from the divorce of their parents?The answer to this question can get complicated. Many divorcing parents think their children will get over the divorce fairly quickly. But what parents need to realize is while the adult life might go on and they will find a new partner, the children will never find another parent. The two parents will always be their parents.Most research shows that for adults it takes most people more than two years to regain their equilibrium and move on with their lives after the divorce.
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