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25 Things Children of Divorce Want Their Parents to Know Part 1

Today is the beginning of another series. In the past I have written a number of series in my blogs. I hope you remember the Top Ten Steps to Co-Parenting or the Seven Beatitudes to Co-Parenting.  If you don’t, please go to my archives or you can find the outlines under the Tools for Healing tab at the top of my website. (

Have you ever wondered what your children are feeling or what they would want you to know about their experiences of your divorce situation? I know I did. I always wished I could be a fly on the wall when they were with their friends or at a counseling session. Just to have a little window into their world would have given me such insight on how they were doing and what I could do to help them process their pain. Well, for the next few months I am going to try to help you do just that. My new series is called 25 Things Children of Divorce Want Their Parents to Know. Monthly I will be writing about a new topic and at the end of all 25 you will be able to download all them as a .pdf to share with others. I also have rack cards available if you would like to distribute them.

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Anyway by Mother Teresa


If you know the story of Mother Teresa, you know that she experienced the worst of this world can throw at people. Despite that, she remained focus and determined to the very end and helped innumerable people in the process. Sometimes life has a way of getting us down no matter how hard we try. This short but inspirational poem from Mother Teresa reminds us why it is important to always persevere.

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