I have never been much on new years resolutions. It’s not so much that I’m against them, I just don’t need any more reasons for me to disappoint myself. What I find more helpful is small, attainable goals throughout the year. For one, things are continuously changing these days. Circumstances change. People change. Life changes. Life has become very fluent. I have found it much more successful in making monthly goals. Or maybe focus on certain areas each month. One month you could focus on physical health goals, the next spiritual health, then financial health, etc. For instance I would put things like –

Get involved in a Bible Study

Take a friend out for lunch

Clean a closet

Eat at home more often

Increase my credit rating by paying my bills on time

Journal or write a letter

Be careful not to make too many or make them to big so you end up feeling discouraged rather than encouraged. I honestly think you will find more success and it will be easier on your self-esteem. I think this month I am going to work on financial goals. I better go so I can get my bills paid.