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The Anxious Leaf - Journey Through Divorce

In October I talked about ..the leaves are changing, the air is cooler and school is well on it’s way. Fall….the beauty of it, the close of the warm sun replaced by the cool breeze. When I got remarried I was blessed with 3 more step children. They were born and raised in Southern Mississippi. They talk about it being 90 degrees there now and it is so hard to believe not being able to enjoy the beauty of fall. As much as I love the heat of summer, I can’t imagine not experiencing the rich colors that fall brings.
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Top Ten Tips for Co-Parenting-Part1

Show Love

Clearly communicate that your child is loved. Children have a remarkable ability to heal when given the support and love they need. Your words, actions and abilities to remain consistent are all important tools to reassure your children of your unchanging love.
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 Journey Through Divorce - Top Ten Tips for Co-Parenting - Show Love


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Be Thankful - Journey Through Divorce

Monthly Blog: Being Thankful When We Don’t Feel Like It

The summer goes by so quickly that I sometimes start looking forward to the fall so that I can get back into a routine again. Then fall comes and I miss the summer. The routine I think I am waiting for just seems like more of the same – chaos. Pretty soon it’s October and the ground turns brown, the air turns cold and they start counting the days down before Christmas. Really??  And then right when you are about ready to throw yourself into the Christmas craziness, they throw Thanksgiving at me. What is Thanksgiving?  I know the historic rendition of the pilgrims coming over from England, which is very cool. And that in itself is something to be thankful for. But society has turned the holiday into a day to recognize and appreciate the blessings that surround us. Blessings that I enjoy every day but so many times don’t take the time to really appreciate. Which in a lot of ways I am glad, because it gives me time to reflect just how much I have to be thankful for and it gives me a time to take an evaluation and get a new perspective on life.

But what if you really don’t feel thankful? What if you are surrounded in pain, feeling lonely and don’t even want to celebrate with friends and family? I know that feeling too, all too well. So what do you do when you are surrounded with people who love you and want you to be happy but it is taking all the energy you have just to wear a smile?
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Words of Encouragement:

Do not worry about anything,

But pray and ask God for everything you need,

Always giving thanks. And God peace,

Which is so great we cannot understand it,

Will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6,7

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Wishing you a Blessed day,

Krista Smith