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By Linda Ranson Jacobs
How Divorce Impacts a Child’s Relationship With God

Over the last several weeks, we laid a foundation for examining how divorce affects the development of children (specifically spiritual development), how kids are wired to connect and recapped some of the impacts of divorce. Today, we are going to look more specifically at how divorce impacts the different areas of a child’s development.

Development stops or is hindered at the time of the divorce.

Emotional/Social Development

Much of the literature and studies surrounding children of divorce focuses on emotional and social impacts of divorce. Often times, this development gets put on hold or gets stuck in anger following the divorce. Many adult children of divorce end up walking around as adults functioning on the equivalent of an eight or nine year old emotional level. Emotions may or may not improve with time, but most adults can fake it enough to survive and get by in an adult world. However, what is going on underneath the skin may be detrimental to their health and well-being as adults.

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Alexis Hall‘s article  – Post-Divorce Holiday Tips for Newly Divorced Parents

Journey Through Divorce


The holidays can be difficult after a major life change like divorce. If you are splitting custody of your children, you may find yourself alone during a time when you used to be together as a family. Facing the season post-divorce is bound to be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. With the right attitude and enough motivation, you can make the holidays a positive experience this year.

Be Honest with Yourself

There’s no need to be delusional in order to enjoy yourself. Instead of pretending everything is okay, be honest with yourself regarding whatever you are feeling. Allow yourself to be sad when you feel sad and angry when you feel angry. Whatever you are feeling, acknowledge it and take care of yourself as needed. Dealing with negative emotions is imperative for your overall wellbeing. Ignoring them only allows for the opportunity to bubble back up and explode at inopportune moments.

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You Must Have Faith as a Single Parent


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