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October 2018

Calling all Counselors

I am on my way to the annual AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) National Conference in Dallas Texas. I love this conference. I get to learn so much. I love touching base with my ministry partners. Everything about this conference fuels my passion to work with others who carry the same passion, to bring hope and healing through grief.

Experiencing the pain of grief can happen for many reasons. Whether it’s because of a separation or divorce or if you have lost a loved one, grief is painful and grief is complicated. As many of you know, I have personally experienced both types of grief. It is nothing I signed up for. It is nothing I was prepared for. But when I was faced with it, I had no other choice but to blaze a path through it.

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Out of the Tunnel


 Have you ever felt like you were stumbling around in a tunnel and didn’t know how to get out of it?  Maybe you are unemployed and can’t seem to find a good job.  Maybe you have been in depression for so long that you don’t know any other way to live.  Maybe you have isolated yourself in your home and are afraid to step out in the sun and truly live with a higher quality of life.

For the last while, I have found myself not so much in a tunnel, but in the rut of just doing the same things week after week and month after month.  Oh, there was purpose in my days and joy in the journey, but I felt a stir that something else was out there for me to do for the Lord.  What was it?  Where would He lead me next?

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Video Corner

Tips for Dealing With Loneliness as a Single Parent

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