A quick “Shout Out” to my awesome daughter in law! For those of you who do not know, I live in Minnesota and this last Sunday was a day our dreams came true. No, we didn’t win the Super Bowl but for many, it was almost as sweet.

I have been an avid Vikings fan all of my life. I remember as a little girl spending every Sunday afternoon sitting in front of the TV cheering on our Vikings as a family. I have experienced every high and low, been on my knees begging God for a miracle and have continued to pick up the pieces when our dreams have exploded. My late husband Jon and I bit the bullet in 98 when we thought it was “our year” and became season ticket holders.  This year marks our 20th year and we have personally experienced every gambit of emotion possible. I guess that’s what makes our Vikings fans so special. We truly have been through it all and continue to believe. And it all paid off this last Sunday when we won the Divisional Playoffs against the New Orleans Saints with our little Minneapolis Miracle.

As for me, yes, I was there. Twenty years all wrapped up in 10 seconds. It was the most amazing playoff ending I have ever seen. And our fans truly know how to celebrate. The stadium went crazy. It was a moment I will never forget. It’s hard to believe we still have a long way to go to get to the Big Game but this win was a victory of its own.

This week has been a fun week as the entire state is in complete pandemonium over the game-winning touchdown.  And my family has joined the fun.  My very talented daughter in law, Beth, wrote an amazing song that encapsulates how we feel, as a state, reveling in the past game and looking forward to the games to come. I am attaching the link below. Please take a minute and join me as we celebrate the win and catch a tiny glimpse of this crazy game we lovingly call football.