Tonight is the Super Bowl. I have been a diehard football fan, Vikings specifically, since I was a little girl. A lot has happened in my life but one thing has never changed, the Vikings have still never won a Super Bowl. Our best chance was back in 2009. We had acquired Brett Farve as our Quarterback to bring the Vince Lombardi trophy home. And we were well on our way. Jon and I were season ticket holders and had even bought airline tickets to Miami planning to watch our team in the Super Bowl. It was definitely a bucket list event. We were only one game away as we were playing the New Orleans Saints for the Divisional Championship. It was a moment I will never forget. The entire game was rough and we watched intently. The Saints tied us with only seconds left in the game. We went into overtime and then it happened. With one quick kick it was all over. Within just a few moments, we had lost and our Super Bowl dreams were shattered. It ended up not all bad as I got a cruise out of the deal but it wasn’t the Super Bowl. Jon always promised me we would make it there someday, but now someday will never come. That was in 2009 and now 6 years later all my dreams including us going to a Super Bowl are gone.

So tonight as I watch the game I remember what was, what was supposed to be and the unknown of what will be. In some ways its like yesterday and in others it seems like a lifetime ago. Within seconds I would never get to enjoy a game with Jon again and we would never get to complete our bucket list. It’s hard to swallow. It’s hard to accept.

Loss…it comes in all forms. It hits you when you least expect it. I wonder if the Vikings will win the Super Bowl in Heaven. I hope we will have first row seats.