crack-crpedDivorce is painful…Don’t go through it alone. Join me as we walk this journey together bringing hope and healing to you and your family.

  • Did your “I do” end up as “I don’t”?
  • Do you suffer from a broken heart?
  • Have your dreams come crashing down?
  • Are you a single parent worried about your children?
  • Do you struggle co-parenting with your ex?
  • Is there hope for tomorrow?

Take your journey with me as we face the weekly, daily and sometimes hourly challenges, hurts and sometimes very frustrating situations that arise as you go through this very painful life change. Whether you are currently divorced or just recently separated the journey ahead may look so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start. This journey is not one you want to take alone. I have traveled this road and my heart understands and is yearning to do whatever I can to make this path smoother and with less bumps along the way. If you have children, it is a proven fact that their ability to adapt to this change is largely based on how you deal with it. Don’t let your pain affect the future of yours and your children’s lives.
Move positively through this journey, leaning on one another and gaining strength from our Heavenly Father.

Journey Through Divorce is a community of people who are on a path toward a new life that is free from the encumbrances and pain of divorce.

  • Reclaim your hope again for tomorrow.
  • Have a clear and practical path for a brighter future
  • Feel the joy of peace and forgiveness and the strength it brings
  • Prevent the cycle of divorce from happening  in your children’s lives
  • Don’t let your situation define your children’s future
  • Start feeling happier, healthier now!


As a member of this community you will have the opportunity to learn, collaborate and express yourself in the safety and support of a group of people who share similar experiences and understand your same pain. I invite you to join our community through a very affordable membership that will return its value in may ways and many times over.


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