Be flexible - Journey Through Divorce

Be Flexible.

Be willing to alter the visitation schedule. Consistency is usually always the best policy except if being flexible makes it more possible for your children to develop a better relationship with their other parent. Pay attention to schedules and what may work best for both your children and your former spouse. Being workable in situations will benefit you in almost every situation. Keep in mind what is best for your children is what is most important. Do your best to keep your personal feelings and frustrations out of the relationship between your children and their parent. I understand it is hard to let them go, but their feelings naturally are to love both their parents.

  • Do not avoid communicating with your former spouse over issues concerning your children’s parenting time. Being able to find times that work should be your top priority.
  • Keep all parenting timed conversations between you and your former spouse only. Do not use your children as your voice to arrange visitation schedule changes.
  • Do not allow parenting time to become a power struggle between your and your former spouse. Your children should be allowed and encouraged to love both of you equally no matter what has happened in the past to your own relationship.
  • Your children will benefit from one-on-one time with each parent. No matter how inconvenient, try to accommodate by setting aside time to make this happen.
  • Try to stay away from last minute changes. It is difficult enough for your children to bounce back and forth between homes. But to make last minute changes can be very unsettling. Try giving your schedule as much consistency as possible, along with making changes with enough time to plan accordingly.