Welcome to Journey Through Divorce, the group you never wanted to be a part of, but the group that will change your life forever. Whether this is your choice or you have had no control over where you are at, I welcome you with open arms and promise you will find a place of healing in your own time and in your own way, where you will find acceptance without the sting of judgment. This is your journey, no one else’s is the same. Yours is unique and it will be treated individually. You will have the unique opportunity to be a part of an ongoing discussion forum where you can share your experiences or situations and learn from others or just receive encouragement to help keep you focused. It will be a place where you can help others too, as one of the key elements to healing is reaching out to help others. We will all be linked by similar experiences and common situations, which will also give you the opportunity to discover new friendships. You will also have access to a very special communication tool called “One on One with Krista” where you can personally share with me things that you question or situations that you need immediate advice on. I have walked this path and together we will get you to the other side. Unique to this site is a place called Teen Talk where you can ask questions or run things past a teen who has recently experienced what your children are experiencing and has come out on the other side a stronger, deeper person who is now sharing his life with the love of his dreams. Tyler is my son and he not only has experienced everything your kids are going through but he has his Masters in Counseling and is filled with excellent advice and understanding.

Along with all this you will receive many things, from monthly newsletters, to weekly words of encouragement. I strongly feel this opportunity is invaluable and something that you will never regret. I look forward to getting to know you better.