With 2017 here it is a great time to reflect on the past year and look into the new year for new beginnings.  It’s like looking into a mirror on the past years accomplishments and set backs and then looking through a window at new beginnings and possibilities that this new year could bring.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Someone who is growing? Someone who is making progress? Are there lots of tears? Is there anger on your face? Whatever you may see, keep things into perspective by remembering the following:

  1. There is no time table that dictates when you should reach certain plateaus. Remember The Slippery Slope we talked about earlier? (Look under the First Steps tab) You will have set backs, but each time the set backs will be shorter and the time in between will be longer. Be patient with yourself. As long as you are moving in a forward motion you are making progress.
  1. Do the best you can do for whatever comes your way on any particular day. There are many times when you get thrown a ball from left field that leaves you feeling attacked or all alone. Just take a deep breath, do the best that you can do and realize in all things, this too will pass and tomorrow is a new day.
  1. If you journal read some past journals. You will find that even when you do not think you are making progress, you really are. I encourage you to continue to journal throughout 2017. You will find a lot of benefits from this for years to come.
  1. Look at who is standing in the mirror beside you. You will see a lot of faces. Some new and some “old faithful’s”. Treasure those who have walked this journey beside you. You may have made some new friends. I know I did. You will find these friends will stick by you through thick and thin.  Be thankful for who God has brought into your life despite everything you feel you may have lost.
  1. Give yourself a pat on the back. As you consider everything you have endured throughout the past year, you will realize how really strong you have been. Take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate everything you have survived over the past year. This journey has not been for the faint in heart. You are strong and continue to get stronger every day.
  1. Notice those looking up at you. You may think you are going through this alone but if you have children, they are right alongside you in this journey. Don’t ever forget they are looking up to you for love and guidance as they maneuver through this journey of pain and changes as well. You are their example. Find the strength to lead them into the right direction of forgiveness and stability.
  1. Look for patterns. If there are times that tend to be on the repeat cycle where you continuously found yourself going in circles make note of these situations. These are the things that you can learn to prevent in the new year from stepping out of the crazy cycle and doing things differently in the new year.
  1. Look closely to see who is holding you. If you are a believer God has promised to be there for you when you need Him most. Remember the words to this poem below:


Stay tuned as next month as I will be writing about what you see when you look into the window of new beginnings in 2017.  Be thinking about what you see….

God’s richest blessings as you start this new year,