Happy 2019 - Sonset Point Ministries

Happy 2019!! Can you believe it? Where has all the time gone? There are days where there seems to never be an end and then all of a sudden it’s the end of another month.

I have been very busy putting together a great year for Sonset Point Ministries. You will see me at more conferences, you will hear from me more, I will have frequent specials and my social media is going to blow up!

If that is not enough, I am developing 2 new games. They are coming together great and will be available this Spring. I am so excited to introduce them to you. I will give you the names so start you guessing. They will be called Triple Express and Feelings Check. Be watching for me on Facebook and Instagram as I will be giving you more clues and the first to be able to describe the basic game will win a free game. So put your creative hats on and start thinking!!

I hope you have also seen my February Special to buy the Connex Blocks set for $20.00. This is a great deal as you would receive the 36 pre-labeled general blocks, 15 divorce blocks and 15 grief blocks along with FREE God blocks for each!!! There is no maximum so place your order early to get the discount. To place your order you will need to email me at info@sonsetpointministries.com as the website only has the regular pricing on it. Include your phone number so I can call to get your credit card information once your blocks have been shipped. And don’t forget to look at my other array of games available. Keep checking back as there will be additional pictures added soon.

I have started back leading DivorceCare a few times already. It has renewed my passion to bring hope and healing to everyone who is experiencing a separation or divorce and living in a single parent or blended family home. I also lead a widow group called Widow Queens twice a month which I thoroughly love bonding with a group of ladies who understand the pain of losing someone so close to you. It has truly been a blessing to me.

I would like to pray for each of you. If you have a prayer request please post it on the Sonset Point Ministry Facebook page or message me privately.

Blessings to all of you and Happy 2019!!