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Teens from a divorced home experience much loss. Their lives are changed forever by a decision that they had nothing to do with. They go from one day being a “normal” family to literally being ripped in half, never feeling “normal” again. The baggage they carry around with them gets heavier and heavier as they collect more and more pain.

Take a look at this video and experience her pain as she carries around her baggage from the pain of divorce and the weight from the changes in her life. We showed this video to our Student Ministries as a way to introduce our upcoming class; The Big D – Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen. It was a great way for them to recognize their need for healing and open up the eyes of other teens with what they are going through. It is a very powerful message.

What is the connection between the suitcases you carry back and forth from both homes compared to the baggage called pain that you carry with you every day?

What are in some of the suitcases that you carry?

Has religion tried to add to your baggage or has it taken away some of the weight that you are carrying?

How can we help lighten your load?