Continue to celebrate your children!

Birthdays, Holidays, school performances, school sports, dance recitals and sports events are still very important to your children. Just because you are not together does not mean you are done celebrating special events with your child. Make sure you take these opportunities to focus on your children and expressing how proud you are of them. Don’t make these special occasions an opportunity to focus on your marital resentment or hostility. This is not a time to discuss parenting time issues, child support issues or to berate each other. If you think you cannot be polite and civil, consider taking turns at special events or limiting your attendance.

  • Be supportive of their relationship by making sure you communicate dates and times far enough in advance so they can schedule appropriately.
  • If you think it will be difficult for you, ask a friend or family member to attend with you.
  • Always keep in mind that you are doing this for your children. They did not ask for this and they should not be punished for it.