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SKOL Vikings! We almost got there.

A quick “Shout Out” to my awesome daughter in law! For those of you who do not know, I live in Minnesota and this last Sunday was a day our dreams came true. No, we didn’t win the Super Bowl but for many, it was almost as sweet.

I have been an avid Vikings fan all of my life. I remember as a little girl spending every Sunday afternoon sitting in front of the TV cheering on our Vikings as a family. I have experienced every high and low, been on my knees begging God for a miracle and have continued to pick up the pieces when our dreams have exploded. My late husband Jon and I bit the bullet in 98 when we thought it was “our year” and became season ticket holders.  This year marks our 20thyear and we have personally experienced every gambit of emotion possible. I guess that’s what makes our Vikings fans so special. We truly have been through it all and continue to believe. And it all paid off this last Sunday when we won the Divisional Playoffs against the New Orleans Saints with our little Minneapolis Miracle.

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What Is Custody And Visitation?


H4HK FAQs are designed to answer questions kids and teens ask when facing difficult situations and circumstances in their lives.

When your parents were married, they likely worked together to make decisions regarding you, and you probably all lived in the same house.  When parents’ get divorced, someone has to decide who will make decisions for the kids and where the kids will live.  Sometimes both parents agree on those decisions and other times, when parents can’t agree, a judge will make that decision.  That is where custody comes in.

There are two general types of custody: legal custody (which refers to who gets to make major decisions for the kids including decisions related to education, healthcare, religion, etc.) and physical custody (which refers to where the children will spend their time).

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