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August 2015



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Hello. Last month we talked about things we can do to help our children. This month we discussed my website and other tools you can utilize to help you and your loved ones on your journey through divorce. I would love to connect with you on a more personal level. Please feel free to sign up on the Forum and introduce yourself.




Article: Active/Passive Agent in Tools for Healing

Knowing and understanding the difference between how the active and passive person responds to a separation is crucial to the healing process. Which one are you? Please check out this month’s Tools for Healing on my website for a very helpful tip to gain more understanding on where every reaction comes from. 

The Active/Passive Agent tool is a way to better understand the difference in how the person seeking the divorce and the person being left processes the changes and pain a separation/divorce brings. There is a very distinct difference and by just understanding this it will make a huge difference in your confusion and anger that you may be experiencing…
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                                              Article 4 in a 10 Part series: Journey Through Divorce _(read article)_





In May, I was honored to be part of a very exciting seminar. It was a day full of great speakers and I walked away with a renewed passion and a head full of excellent information…  (continue)


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Linda Jacob’s article: Success Story: Resilient single mom finds Jesus and turns her life around… (continue)



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Weariness          Divorce Care 
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