Connex Blocks - Journey Through Divorce

We need one another. If the year 2020 has taught me anything it’s that we are not good alone, we need one another to grow, learn and connect. Sonset Point Ministries has a number of tools to uniquely make that easier. Whether it be a child whose family is going through a divorce or a teenager who has just lost their mother or a family who is trying to find their way through blending a family, we all need one another to survive. God has made us unique that way. We will continue to feel unfulfilled until we reach out and connect with others to fill that void inside.

Allow us to help you get into the hearts and minds of these children. Right now I am offering a special deal on my Connex Blocks. You will have the basic set of 36 general blocks, along with the option for just $5.00 more to purchase the additional extra topical blocks. Currently our topics are Divorce Blocks, Grief Blocks and Blending Blocks. For this month only, you could have all 4 game options for only $27.50. This is an amazing deal. If you choose just one or two topics it would be $15.00 for the general blocks and still only $5.00 for each topic you would choose. This is a great way to collect all topics, mix and match or just use the one area that affects your situation the most. And that’s not all, in addition, I will throw in the additional “God Blocks” that are topical as well and will specifically include divorce, grief and blended family questions for FREE! This is a deal that is too good to miss.

Read what others have said about the Connex Blocks.

“I love the Blended Family Connex Blocks. This is the only game I have found that actually specifically deals with blended family issues!!”

“If your children are going through something and won’t let you in. I take out my Connex Blocks and they open up right away.”

“Connex Blocks are the best!! I found them at the Association of Play Therapy conference and she is the 1st stop I make every year to get my next set of topical blocks.”

“I use the general bag of Connex Blocks every day. Krista has made it so easy to add or switch out the topical blocks to make it the most effective game I have in my office.”

Whether you are a parent, a counselor or a family ministry leader, you will find the Connex Blocks to be your #1 resource to run to every time. The kids will be having so much fun they won’t even realize the information you can glean from them in just a simple game.

Get yours today!!!