Journey Through Divorce - Grief

Grief? What is it?
Webster describes grief as “the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss or change of any kind.”

Those words seem so cold and simple. Grief is anything but simple. The truth of the matter is that it has been the most excruciating painful times in my life. And cold? No, grief has been real, intense and extremely alive. Can you relate?

Grief comes in many different forms. I think the most common one people think of is when you lose a loved one to death. And yes, as that is definitely a great example of grief, but it also comes in many different forms. It will almost always be present after you experience any sort of loss. The loss of your family through a divorce is another very common form of grief. And with these 2 forms of grief you will find many various losses of all kinds. The loss of your dreams. The loss of a companion. The loss of stability. The possible loss of a job. The possible loss of your house. The losses many times are endless.

My desire is to help you and your family through this grieving process. I have numerous tools and resources to encourage communication and understanding. They are great therapeutic games and have even been used by many counselors and church leaders. Here is what some have had to say –

“I have used The Slippery Slope in my practice for years. I have all 3 ages and love them all.”

“I see so many children come in with broken hearts. It always takes awhile to get them to open up. With these games, they open up immediately. It saves so much time and frustration.”

“I have a hard time getting the kids to talk about their feelings. When I saw the Connex Blocks at a conference I was so excited. I bought a set and we played them all the time. It has been a great way for me to get them to talk without them even realizing.”

“My son doesn’t like it when I ask him questions but he loves it when I play games with him. These games work perfect to meet both needs.”

“My kids love to play games. We try to have game night once a week. I have added these games to my game collection. They are better than just a game, they are a game with a purpose!”

Whether you’re a mom at home or a counselor, these games are a game changer!!