Rules of Engagement –

1. Never bad mouth your former spouse. We all understand things can get extremely frustrating at times but mudslinging will do no one any good. There are many ways to express your frustration without name calling or belittling your childrens parent.

2. Please refrain from using vulgar language. Anger can be expressed in many different ways and we would like to suggest to make a habit of watching what you say and how you say it.

3. Please don’t use first names in the discussion posts.

4. If you suspect your children are endangered, please contact the proper authorities right away.

5. Understand we are not licensed counselors. We have only walked this same journey and have learned a lot through it and desire to help you find peace one day too.

6. When giving advice please offer it in love, not judgment. Unless each one of us walk the exact path of someone else, we have no right to make judgment calls. This is a time of love and encouragement.

7. We have the right to remove any comments that we deem as inappropriate or hurtful to others.

8. No bad mouthing or name calling each other on the discussion forum! We are here to help each other not hurt others

9. We will not hand out any personal contact information. If you want to contact someone personally, please contact them youself.

10. Keep comments clean and wholesome at all times.