Its been a great year -

Thanks to all of you, Sonset Point Ministries, has had a very good 2017. I was very very busy but happy to say I have accomplished everything that was set out before me. Thanks for making this year so successful.

I finished the rewrite and am now in full production of The Journey; Divorce Through the Eyes of a Teen. This is a 12 week, group led curriculum for teenagers 11 to 19 whose families have gone through a separation or divorce. It comes with a fully detailed Leaders Guide and an individual Student Workbook to apply each weeks topic to their specific family situations. It also includes an additional Activity Guide full of hands on applicable activities to help keep your teens engaged in the healing process.  This is a great curriculum and you can view it at under the Products Link.

Sonset Point Ministries was created through my own personal experiences of divorce. As most of you know, my experiences did not end there. Five years ago grief entered into my life when I lost my husband. It is because of this new experience that I have decided to expand my ministry this year to also include healing through the devastating grief of loosing a loved one. I have done this through grief specific games and added Grief Cards to the Slippery Slope games. I encourage you to check these out.

The Slippery Slope games have become such a success I decided to develop 3 more games with purpose to help you open the doors of communication with your children. These games are divorce and grief specific but also can be used in any general situation. They are called Connex Blocks, Double Trouble and All Twisted Up. They are unique games that encourage communication as they learn to identify their feelings and go a little deeper into their hurts. Your children will be able to process the things they are experiencing so they can grow through them instead of getting stuck or running away due to the fear or anger they carry inside. You can check out these new games at under the Products Link and then Games with Purpose. I am confident you will find what you are looking for to bring hope and healing to your families.

It doesn’t end here for us. I have great plans in store for 2018 and I look forward to including you in the excitement as we change families, one heart at a time.