On Tuesday Dec. 5th I was a special guest on the radio show called Chained No More with Robyn Besemann.  I shared on “Help! How Do We Help Our Teens Process Through Our Divorce?” Robyn and I had a great discussion on ways to practically help our children through the challenges that divorce brings into their lives. I shared about three areas that children struggle with the most; self esteem, self identity and communication.  I gave practical tools on how you can draw your kids out and things to watch for as they develop.

Krista Smith-Larson

It was also a great opportunity to introduce my 3 new games that I came out with this past fall.  These games are great tools to be used within a family setting, one on one sharing or in groups. They have been very well received and the orders are coming in almost daily. They do not only deal with divorce, but grief from losing a loved one and feelings in general. In order to keep the costs very reasonable I make them all myself so make sure you check them out. You will find nothing out there more applicable for such a cheap price.

Robyn has led The Big D for many many years so it was fun to also talk to her about the new rewrite, now called The Journey; Divorce Through the Eyes of a Teen. I have received raving reviews on the new curriculum and I am so proud of how it turned out. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a minute and check it out at www.sonsetpointministries.com.

I invite you to listen to entire my radio show at www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore. I am confident you will be blessed, learn something new and be challenged.