What has taken over your life like a storm over the past 18 months?

Could it be moving into a new house?

Maybe starting a new job?

Possibly adding a new member into your family?

Yes, all those things could possibly be true. But the one thing that has impacted 100% of our population in full force is COVID 19.

I am not here to defend either view. I merely want to help those families who have suffered from either the illness itself or the anxiety that goes hand in hand with a worldwide epidemic. My heart goes out to families who have lost a loved one or who have prolonged affects from the symptoms that go along with COVID. I have heard horror stories after horror stories from families who have to deal with lifelong challenges that are due to the aftermath of COVID. These last 18 months have been nothing but painful on all of us.

That is why I have added another set of blocks to my Connex Blocks collection. They are called COVID Blocks. This is an additional set of topical blocks that will bring healing to all those who have been negatively affected by COVID whether by the impact on their health or by the anxiety it has left behind possibly for years to come if not dealt with now.

Some of the questions are –

  •  How has COVID affected your life?
  •  How has life changed for you since COVID happened?
  •  Do you feel safe? If not, what would make you feel safer?

Don’t forget if you don’t already have the base set of Connex Blocks, you need to get them first. And by adding the additional COVID topical blocks to your base set you will now have a tower of 51 specific COVID related questions. These are great to be used in counseling centers, children & family ministries, schools and individual families.

And remember…purchase this set of additional COVID specific blocks and I will throw in 6 additional God Blocks for FREE!! Use these to help navigate your relationship with God as you deal with the uncertainties and fears that these last 18 months have created. Add these and now you have a game of 57 blocks to chose from.

Listen to what others are saying about the Connex Blocks

I bought the blocks not knowing if my daughter would open up. I was amazed! I learned more about her in one hour than the past 9 years of her life.                                 Char from St. Louis, MO

 Who would have thought sharing life struggles could be so much fun?

                                                                                                                Darla from Minnesota

 Connex Blocks are my #1 requested game from all my younger clients. They just love them!!

                                                                                                                Sue from Rivers of Hope Counseling

And this is not all!! Watch for my next blog to see what else is new!!